I recently got an RP350 that came with a Cubase LE 4 installation disc. Problem is... it won't install. I can install all the editors and everything else from the disc, but whenever I try to install the LE 4, it comes up with a message that says "Cannot install program. F The system cannot find the file specified."

I'm running it off of a Windows XP, I have Adobe 9, all that good stuff.
Please...Any suggestions?
dont use the automatic installer thingy. actually go to your disc drive and open up the cubase installer. i had the same problem.
Sweet... Thanks man, I got it installed now

However... Now I have another problem. When I go to record, it looks like it's running smooth and all, but I can't hear anything... The bars on left go up when I play, you know, like normal, but no sound. I'm trying to play the rp350 through a USB cable to connect to the computer, but I hear some people have mics.... Is that my problem? I followed the steps in the Digitech setup manual, but I still get no sound. Whats the deal?

Thanks in advance.