it seems that everytime i try and write a song i end up not coming up with any lyrics i like and sometimes ill just repeat myself and go to words ive already used the same way in a diffrent song weather ive written it or someone else.

does anybody know of anything that can help me with this?

im starting to get really depressed everytime i write a song idk if thats good or not lol
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I do'nt realy know what to tell you. I personally just sort of come up with what type of song I think it is (e.g. happy or sad or mystic) and base the lyrics off of that. But this sort of works differently for everyone.
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Hmm, so you think you're are repeating yourself when you write lyrics?

The trick is not to force writing. Inspiration can come at any time, you just need to be able to sort those ideas so they don't become a jangled mess.

Listen to a lot of music, listen to your favorite songwriters and pay attention to their lyrics and how they bring them across, how you think their ideas are formed. This should give you some help if you haven't already tried this.