I've been looking at the Taylor dreadnoughts 110 and 210.
Can anyone tell me which of the 2 is better and what the pros and cons of a pickup in one of those guitars would be

Thank you!
I was actually looking at both of these as my next acoutic as well. I played them both yesterday at guitar center and I really could not tell much of a difference. I loved the sound of the 210 so I tried the 110 since it is like $300 cheaper and thought it was very comparable. I think if you're really serious about plugging it in to use the aocustic/electric than the 210 is probably what you want to go with, but as far as just the acoustic sound, I think I'm gonna save the money and get the 110.
i like the sound of the 110 better, but that's just personal taste, although the funny thing is that usually i like rosewood more than sapele or mahogany. i can't see why you'd want to go with the 210 over the 110 if you're plugging in, since they have the exact same preamp. i'd go with the 110ce over the 210 because i sometimes play way up the neck, and the cutaway gives me easier access. besides, i played it and i liked it - not quite as much as the sound of the 114ce, but you're looking for a dread.

anyway, i believe the only real difference between the two is tone, and only you can decide which guitar sounds better to you.
Ok thank you guys
So the preamp in the guitar wont change the acoustic tone when it's unplugged right?
Ok , i heard both of them now and it seems like the 110 is alot brighter and the 210 has a bit more bass in it and would be better in an acoustic performance lacking a bassist.

I liked the bright tone of the 110 but i also liked the 210 for it's full tone.
Although for the money i think it's gonna be a 110, i'll report in later to tell you which one i got.

Any last minute advice?
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