so if i were to get a tube amp for example the peavy valveking royal 8 (i play in my room!)what would be the smart combination for a heavy tone. (I own a distortion pedal)

1. distortion pedal
2. amp distortion + overdrive pedal
3. distortion pedal + overdrive pedal

remember i play heavy stuff.
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i don't think just the two pedals will sound the best.
I've tried running two distortions before and it sounds ok if you get past the screeching, idk about od & dist
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Quote by boboguitar
Amp distortion + OD would sound the most organic.

If play stuff like metalcore, how much distortion is needed from the amp so it will sound heavy with the overdrive in front? Some tube amps have less gain than others.

I have a line 6 uber metal distortion pedal I got it because it does have a built in noise gate which i do use.
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