I haven't received a response from DC-USA's tech support. I'm wondering if anyone has delved far into this pedal? I am thinking about trying 12(AT/AY)7 tubes and 5751's as the stock (nuclear off, drive -> 0) sound has too much gain for me to leave on all the time.

I love the sound with it jacked, don't get me wrong.

I'm just wondering if anyone has done more than a 12ax7 swap on it?

Running 2x 100+% Fisher Sylvania L.G.P. 12AX7's now and the gain is on tap like spinal tap. haha

I have Malakian's "Spiders" tone perfectly done (A/B'ed w/ the CD. haha )

Agile 2800 Baritone (Crunchy Rail bridge/Fat Pat Neck) or Douglas WRL 590 -> MXR Super Comp -> -> MXR M108 EQ -> Peavey 5150 212 (Eminence Redcoat Gov) or Bugera V5