I've been looking at getting a Razorback Explosion for quite a while now, and so far, I've heard nothing bad. So I ask you, does ANYONE have any complaints about this guitar?
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I really don't like the necks, body style, or tone of the guitars at all. But that's just my opinion. It's all subjective. If you like it, that's all that really matters.
it looks like they went overboard with it... the fire graphic is just really cheesy.
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i would never buy one, but yeah, if you like it, go for it

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i Agree with the whole paintjob is way overboard clause but other than that i see no problems with it.
You just opened one of the biggest cans of hatred on UG with this question...

If you get this guitar used, try to avoid early models of it as the fire graphics looked a little pixely up close. Also have you ever played a V-shaped neck before? They're a little different and take awhile to get used to. Personally I find them super comfortable
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the older dime-o-flames were really pixelated, but if it plays well and you like it, then get it
I have a Razorback V, And it is by far one of the best guitars I have ever played. No issues at all with it. As for the ML shape I couldn't tell you but I assume its just as good as the V.
I personally really like the neck design. Maybe not for the Razorback as much because they tend to go with a Hard V neck profile instead of the Soft V neck profile in the ML bodies, namely the CFH model. I'm getting a custom done right now and had the builder make the neck exactly to my CFH's specs. The neck just screams "RIFFS"!
Ehm, the Razorback your after, if its the 255 yes, if its below, no.

Why? Because if you get a paintjob such as this one, then everything beneath the 255 has really cheap, thin layers of paint. Therefore your £200 more expensive paint will wear off worse or take worse to damage, not as if it already does.

Plus, the neck gets very sticky with the thin layer of paint.

However, the 255 is great! Well, pretty good. Well, you can get better... but not half as awesome.
i've played my friends and its a good guitar. Much lighter than you would think and the FR stays in tune pretty well for a licensed. Personally it was too big for me, but I'm just a really small person. Definitely try it out first because some people (myself included) find that the top spike pokes into your ribs a bit. But that might have to do with size because my friend doesn't notice it.
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