can you name some mid-range chorus pedal.i want it to be good but not too pricey.i heard only about the boss ce-2.?
Small Clone I guess, but it's not all that versatile, depth control goes from shallow shimmer to big and wobbly seasick.

There aren't any really great Choruses out there at the moment IMO. There are some flangers that work as Choruses though, the Deluxe Electric Mistress is beautiful.
I have an old bright pink made in the USA Peavey dual clock stereo chorus that sounds gorgeous. You could probably find one on eBay.
if u can get over a blinking led, the deltalab chorus is amazing, and pretty cheap. its a fairly subtle chorus though. the small clone is much more of an intense effect, almost tremelo like, and the boss is a nice medium. to the youtube u go!
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mxr chorus
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What exactly IS your budget? I'd say used Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus, Analogman Chorus or Fulltone Choralflange, or just a CE-2.

And IMO, Small Clone and DEM are meh.
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I really didn't dig the small clone. I do like that old Dano Chorus, I forget the name, but not the cool cats, or fabs, or minis. The older big pedals.
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Boss CH-1 is a nice kind of medium-intensity pedal. Doesn't take away from the tone of your guitar much that I notice, just adds a nice bit of depth and character to your sound. I leave my chorus on pretty much for all my tones...gives my sound an Alice In Chains/Rush/(Absolution-era) Muse sort of sound.
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I love the CH-1, I bought it used for much discount and it works perfectly anyway.
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Dr Scientist Cosmichorus

Thissssss. One of the most beautiful chorus pedals ever.


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