Hello UGers! Which rock'n'rollah riffs do you think are the most fun to play?

Standard tuning please.

Walk This Way, Oh Well, purple haze, Had to Cry Today are some of my faves.

For this thread, I will use the most common definition of riff: a melody that repeats itself and more or less forms the basis of a song. Just avoiding confusion.

P.S. I do not have a whammy-bar equipped guitar, so don't waste finger strength on 'Iron Man.'

Based on your examples, I'd recommend Velvet Revolver's "Slither".
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who told you that you need a whammy bar for iron man? you depress the string behind the nut to bend that first note... Well my recomendations are

1)whole Lotta love- led zeppelin
2)Layla- eric CLapton
*lust list*
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not much for G'nR myself...but love night train ...Easy but so fun to play.
I like parts of Crazy Train, the intro to Wizards In Winter and definitely Walk This Way.
I enjoy playing the first solo from Comfortably Numb. It defines every moment of epic
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