So I've been wanting to upgrade to a 5 string for a while, but I'm stuck on what I want to buy. I'm looking in the 300-500$ price range(I can go a little higher too).

I want a tone that sounds kind of like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2frjwvDQg5I

I've been thinking of buying this one, but the price makes me a little skeptical:

Also, does anyone have any thoughts on Rondomusic's basses? They seem unusually cheap but some of the 5-6 string fretlesses there seem tempting enough.
The gsr205 is a starter bass. An amazingly good one, but a starter bass nevertheless. I'd look at an sr405qm or a second hand sr505 if you like the look of the gsr.
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The Ibanez SR's are always a good bet, although they have very tight string spacing. Other 5 strings of note in your price range you might want to check out would be the Peavey Millennium 5 string, and the Traben Array 5.
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Dude, shop around a little bit, I just picked up a Spector Rebop 5 DLX for 450 w/ a case.

I also second the person above me, you could try and find a used SR505, those things are sick too.
i have a Ibanez SR305 and it's good for the price. It has a good tone to it but yea the 505 is even better.
I have an SR205. Most Ibanez 5 strings are perfect but really its up to you and your opinion. Try a few and see if you like them.
sr505 is definitely worth the investment.

give it a go
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I own the GSR 205 FM you were looking at and I stand beside it as being one of the BEST lower end basses i've played. I would say go for a SR 505 or 405.

and +1 for Opeth

Ibanez GSR205FM

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I have an Ibanez BTB455, that's been workin good for me thus far.
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