1 for before the amp and 1 for an effects loop? I've recently run into a problem where I like some pedals before the amp (NS-2 noise suppressor, EQ, tuner) and some going into the effects loop (delay, chorus, etc). I was going to ask for a 6 pedal BCB 60 or something...but now I'm thinking about two separate 3 pedal ones. Am I overcomplicating things?
you can get one pedalboard but have the first three run in the front and the next three in the effects loop. but if your gonna be getting more pedals then why not get two pedal boards?
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Post the pic! I wanna see . I don't care if it's threadjacking as long as I get something useful out of it. I wanna see how you guys get around this because I'm sure it's a fairly common issue.

Oh also, I'm not huge on effects, so I couldn't really see myself going over 6. Never know though.
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i run my tuner, od, and noise gate through the front and have a delay in the loop. basically my board looks like this

[delay] [noise gate]-[od]-[tuner]-then a cable going to my guitar

then there is another cable going out of the noise gate into the front of my amp.

then 2 more cables running out of the delay going to the loop. so its all on one board, just different cabling
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BurnTheDusk does.
then he has his Vetta's floorboard.

Yes I do.
It's gotten more complicated since then by a large amount.
i'm going through major additions.
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Build your own.
Mo' betta yo.
2 or 1 or 10, doesn't matter, it's what's convenient for you.
if you go for 2, build yourself a little one-space rack shelf into it so you can run a dedicated looper... lets you make all your changes via patches from a programable MIDI footswitch without running mile of cable. just a thought.