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Not much to say really, just a simple hard rock/metal song. I know it could use vocals, right now I can't really do them though. Solo was kinda sloppy. One of the guitars was kinda out of tune near the end I think too.

So yeah please check it out, and I will return crit, just leave a link.

Awesome song man. Loved all the riffs and leads, great playing too [solo kicked ass], You should get some vocals over top to really set it off. The break down was sweet and it kicks back in very nicely. Was there any bass on there because I couldn’t hear any but then again my speakers suck. My only criticism is that the tone of the rhythm was just ok but I think you could find better. The solo tone was FANTASTIC [what’s the secret?]. Great work


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Jesus christ, I wasent impressed by the beginning of the song, but that solo was pure sex, epic as all hell. And how did you get that solo tone? I see you use a Squier as well? What is your seceret? At least a hint.

But the rythem playing was solid, but needs a better tone, sounded too flabby and loose. The drum were pertty good, seemed to have alot of life to them. I heard the bass, but only the higher pitch notes, so I would bring it up in the mix a bit.

Great song, love it.

Could you crit the first song on my profile, its a little acoustic thing I did cause I was bored. Thanks.
really liking this. Solo is beast. The tone on it is just killer. Bass doesnt sound too good through my speakers. Very thin sounding. Thats about all id fix.
overall a well constructed and played song. sure its not perfect but no horrible mistakes. i did think that the delay was highr in the mix than needed and kinda washed out some of the guitar sound.

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Thanks for the crit guys.

There was "bass". And by "bass" I mean a guitar lowered an octave, which probably explains the thin sound of it. It probably couldn't have hurt to put it a little higher in the mix though.

I'm glad you guys like the solo and the tone. There's not much of a secret to the tone. I used my neck pickup, some delay, and one of my presets on my RP. I don't remember the specifics, but there is loads of gain.

I'll get back to you guys later today.
Thanks, the drums are a sequencer, yes. I use drumtrack, but the sounds are from one of the kits from Beatcraft I believe.
Totally reminds me of like...some type of Alice In Chains Meets Yngwie Malmsteen for some reason. I really like it. Not really much to say to be honest...I mean, lol, I like it, so its like, I can't really say anything bad or constructive about it. The acoustic part was lovely, the leads are great, and riffs are catchy, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME MAN?!?!
Opening was cool, Maiden-y vibe with a bit more balls. Wasn't a huge fan of the next riff but very nice from 30s onwards- sounds huge! Sounds great when the opening riff comes back. Really nice composition- could do with some really big vocals, and they'd have to be over a track like this. Nice breakdown section- really great atmosphere and the leads are brilliant- definitely the high point of the song. Great song overall.

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