I have a couple questions about tubes.

When do u have to change them?
What is the "Better" brand of tubes
And whats any other general info do i need to know to change tubes?
You should only have to change tubes ever 12-18 months or so, your amp will start having weird volume drops or make other strange noises when you need to change them. Preamp tubes can die kind of suddenly whereas power tubes die of slower(correct me if I'm wrong on that)

JJs are very nice, tung-sol are decent, brittle but they help brighten up a dark amp. There's a tube thread somewhere.

The only other info you need is on biasing. Your amp needs to be biased when the tubes are swapped out, have a tech do it or you'll kill yourself, though some amps self bias (most class A amps) so you could just pop tubes into them. Check to see if your amp is self biasing or not.

Again there's a tube thread somewhere, use the searchbar.
EDIT: here ya go:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=473149
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I have a couple questions about tubes.

When do u have to change them?
The amp they're in, how often you play, how hard you play, the tubes that are in it, how much bumpin' around they get, etc. Lots of variables here. While it's just a guess, I sometimes use the rule of thumb: if you think you need new power tubes, then you NEED new power tubes!

What is the "Better" brand of tubes
Certain types of tubes are better from certain manufacturers (or re-labellers). Certain brands of tubes work better in different amps, and sometimes two of the same model, year, or style of amp will like different brands.

And whats any other general info do i need to know to change tubes?
Lots of info.
Give us more details, we'll help. Most amps require a trip to the tech for re-biasing, but not all. Some amps are built to take many varieties of tube types, some require mods to switch over.

Let us know what amp you've got, how old it is, how often you play, what's in it now, what do you like/dislike about your sound, what sound is in your head that you're after, what styles of music you play, how much you want to spend, if the tubes are original or not, and your mothers maiden name.
I think there's a sticky thread on this already, isn't there?
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Best type of tubes does indeed depend a lot on your amp. I just replaced the power tubes in my JCM900 with new Chinese Shuguang EL34s which are quite cheap and they sound great. I hear that they aren't so good in some amps, but in a Marshall they are pretty damn good.
I'm due to replace the preamp valves (which btw don't need replacing anywhere nearas often as the power valves) and am thinking of trying Shuguangs in there too. Anybody out there tried them in a Marshall and have an opinion?
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