Hi. I am new here, just signed up. Thought this would be an excellent place to ask for help. I do not know anything about wiring a guitar, but if someone supplies me with a wiring diagram, I can solder it. In about a week, I am gonna buy a cheap strat style guitar, and pimp it out. I plan on buying the following:

SX RST Strat Style Guitar - http://www.rondomusic.com/rstbk.html

Calibrated set of 3 GFS Lil Killer Black Rails (Single Coil sized Humbuckers) - http://store.guitarfetish.com/casetof3lilk1.html

Black 3-Ply Superstrat Pickguard/Parts Wiring Kit - http://store.guitarfetish.com/bl3supiwikit.html

3x 500K Push-Pull DPDT Pot - http://store.guitarfetish.com/pudppo50auge.html

If you look at the 3rd item, the super strat pickguard/parts wiring kit, youll notice this mod doesnt use a 5 way switch, but 3x on-off-on switches.

With all that said, I will have 3x DPDT "Center Off" switches, and 3x DPDT Pots. I would like to get as many options out of my wiring as possible (humbucking/coil tap, in/out of phase, series/parallel, etc).

I was hoping some people might be able to come up with some ideas about how to go about wiring this. Perhaps some people can come up with diagrams, and others can take those diagrams and add to them, till we come up with a really good idea for this guitar.
Well you'll get told to repost your question in the ultimate wiring thread located https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1019006 as that is the main resource for those sorts of things.

Anyways though, what I did with my cheapo strat and GFS little killer rails is this:

I used 3 GFS Lil-killer rail pickups and 3 DPDT on-on-on switches. I replace 1 tone knob with a killswitch and kept a master tone and a volume. I wired each DPDT switch to each pickup to allow each pickup to coil-spilt, or be wired in series or parallel. I then wired the middle pickup out of phase permanently since it doesn't make a difference in sound on its own. I wired my 5 way so it goes Bridge, Bridge+Neck, Neck, Neck + Middle out of Phase, and Middle.

Theres a pic of how I mounted the switches. It does get a bit complicated and I rarely use more than 4 or 5 sounds really. I like the bridge and neck in series together, middle and neck out of phase in single coil mode (they are hum cancelling that way too), realllly twangy bluesy sound. Bridge in parallel for lead stuff.

The GFS little killers are sensative to height too, so play around with adjusting the height of them. A screw turn makes a huge difference in the sound. I have my bridge a bit high so I get a nice high output lead tone with it on parallel and can switch to the neck pickup in series which is lowered in height and get a nice cleanish tone without changing anything on the amp.

Good luck and have fun, they are a great set of pickups I think and you can get some good sounds out of them with a bit of tweaking.

I think with the number of switches you want though, you will get complicated knowing what does what but to each their own.
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Thanks for the reply. I did copy and paste my post to the Ulitimate Wiring thread. I saw an awesome wiring setup here:

http://www.1728.com/guitar6.htm (7 switches) But that was for 2 humbuckers, not 3. So in my case, If i wanted to do the same, I would need like 8 or 9 switches. While the way this person layed out the switches is very intuitive and easy to understand and remember, 8 or 9 switches is getting way out there.