I was watching Where the Wild Things Are and I noticed that none of his guitars are actually the proper JEM7VWH. His two main guitars, Evo and Flo, are similar, but not exactly what Ibanez sells. Flo is a refinished basswood Floral Print JEM with gold hardware. Evo is an Alder JEM7VWH with black hardware. I just find it a little funny that JEMs that are sold don't reflect what he actually usually plays. The Edge Pro is forgivable because Ibanez doesn't offer them on any guitars anymore (except reissues). Any ideas of why the current JEMs don't reflect what the JEMs he actually plays?
They're probably old models - Evo and Flo are his two favourite guitars; they're fairly old.
Evo and Flo were amongst the first ones, he isn't going to play anything else until they deteriorate completely.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
Evo has black hardware because they change it fairly often. Vai gets a new bridge on it every year or so, according to his site. Other than that, its the same as other VWH's (apart from the Edge vs Edge Pro)
As for Flo, its one of his favorite guitars, so he keeps playing it.
vai is on the 4th neck with evo flo is on her 3rd neck.

vai prefers the original edge trem, this trem is discontinued (limited stock reserved for satch and vai... and a few limited edition guitars.....(e.g..blackdog, jem dna)

ibanez and fernandes are 2 competing companies, therefore you would need to put the sunstainer in as a aftermarket mod.

the production models are just as good as evo...vai actually owns several production models and claims they feel just like evo off the shelf.....

the colour of the hardware means nothing, it`s the feel and the sound that make it a jem....

the true temperment fingerboard is not part of the original design it`s one of steve`s ideas that he wanted everything note perfect.....you know what he`s like.........perfectionist....so he asked a bloke in scandanavia to do it............(looked into it myself...too expensive)

just get one off the shelf, get it setup and be happy they`re......... great
Lots of signature guitars don't 100% reflect what the artist actually plays.
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If you watch the Visual Sound Theories DVD, you see he uses Evo, Flo and Mojo, but like the blue JEM he uses in the begining he just picked up in a shop there. Evo was born in 1993...so of course the newer production models are different.
Because they're modified. the JEM's are supposed to be Steve's attempt to build a kickass guitar frame for you to build on that can still kick ass as just the frame, much like any artist's signature. I doubt any of them use a fully stock guitar.

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Because they're modified. the JEM's are supposed to be Steve's attempt to build a kickass guitar frame for you to build on that can still kick ass as just the frame, much like any artist's signature. I doubt any of them use a fully stock guitar.

That makes a lot of sense actually. Vai stated in an interview that he didn't want his name on the JEM at all and he wanted it to be for players. Most of the other prolific Ibanez guitarist's sigs are what the artist actually plays (PGM, JS, JPM, AT). But then again, their names or initials are on the headstock.
Taken from his website:
"Steve writes, "I think a lot of people believe that Evo has special modifications on it and is not similar to the production pieces you buy at retail. Actually it’s exactly the same as any production just beat up a lot more. Things like nuts, tail pieces, frets, tuning pegs, have changed due to being worn out but the guitar itself is intact.""

Also "Various things are easily changed on Evo without any noticeable difference in the tone. One of these is the tail piece: it gets changed a few times a year."
Which explains the colour of the hardware.

Evo is a JEM7VWH. Down to the spec of the original 7VWH at least, as it IS one of those originals, Ibanez weren't legally allowed to use the Edge trem design cos it was too close to the Floyd Rose design, this isn't to say Steve Vai can't still use the spec that he chose.

Other than the 7VWH the JEM isn't just a signature guitar, it's a guitar line. If you look at the back catalogue of JEMs, my favourite one, the JEM7BSB, I've never seen a picture or video of Vai using it, but that doesn't mean to say it's not an amazing guitar!
Though a lot of the JEM line is used by him, if you see his Live with the Metropole Orkest DVD he's using the sparkling blue JEM (that Cesar Huesca used to use almost religiously) and I think he also used one of the Black JEMs.

Either way, my point is, Steve Vai does use the JEM7VWH, it's just an older model, but the new ones are just as good, but a lot of people do prefer the original Edge bridge.
Where it comes to FLO, Steve Vai isn't meant to be advertising his Ibanez line through his personal guitars. One could assume that FLO is an Vai's desire for a Basswood 7VWH (without sinking to the JEM555 ).
Anywho, if your guitar buying decision is made by seeing if a famous person uses the same spec guitar you aren't doing it right!
Though 10 years ago if you were to buy a JEM, you'd be able to say that Steve Vai's main guitar is completely stock.

Also, Vai's using EVO and FLO II and III now (I was shocked to see he has IIIs now) as EVO and FLO are edging into retirement (that crack on her body ) so I'm not sure of the spec of them, I'm assuming they're the same spec as the originals, but I dunno.

I realise how long winded and jumbled this reply is
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