i recently put a set of new locking tuners on my squier strat and some new stainless saddles. It is staying in tune alot better then it was but its still not perfect like my LTD guitar with the floyd rose!

is there anything else I can do to help it stay in tune? oh, and how do i correct the intonation?
I don't think that diagram is especially helpful if he has locking tuners. Different models are strung differently and if they are anything like mine all he is doing is pulling the string through and tightening the lock. Graphite nut is an idea, but I would imagine a Squier strat has some tuning issues because of the trem, especially if you use it a bit. I don't know much about saddle materials but what exactly is stainless steel supposed to do? I have graphtech saddles and they seem to go well enough
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graphite nut, maybe change saddles. try to remove dead string. basically, go on youtube and search fruada tremolo. tells how to keep in tune
A graphite or roller nut (roller nut only if the fingerboard is 1 11/16"/43mm wide at the nut)
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i would love to just do a floyd rose!

im good with a router so that shouldnt be to hard to rout the body

does anyone have any write ups or tips?