as im trying to figure out what sounds best and for the sake of convience and trying to keep away from lack of spagetti patch chords, im trying to figure out if a MXR chorus would sound good in front of a peavey JSX. Now i dont own a chorus and before i run out and buy one i wanna get your guys opinion. I know some players like Zakk wylde run there choruses in front of there amps, but what do you guys think? I typically use chorus for my clean sounds mostly but yea...any thoughts?
t won't matter for clean sounds, but if you want a clear distortion sound with chorus, than put it in the effects loop.
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as stated, it wont have much effect on cleans, but on distortion, in front of the amp, is much more subtle and muffled by the distortion. in the loop its much cleaner but a much harsher effect. neither is bad per say, its all about taste. a good example of what chorus in the loop will get u, listen to imperium by machine head.
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Ok i see what you mean. Its funny, i always thought Chorus through the loop would give you a more subtle effect and chorus in front will be more prominent and harsh. Oh well, thanks for the replies guys!
It's all personal taste, you've got to try each to see!
Yes, the "proper" way is to run it in the loop, along with any other "time-based" FX (chorus, delay, verb, etc.). I run everything in through the front (at the end of the board) anyway, because in my ears, it brings a more cohesive sound.

It can get a little muddy, but it's a trade-off.
In my case, running things through the loop (of an mkIII, which is a great loop, IMHO) makes it seem artificially "masked" over the top of my entire sound, whereas through the front blends it in for a more subtle effect.