I don't know where to start but ever since I got into Kingdom hearts when i was like 12 I loved her voice and "simple and clean"..then when she put out "sanctuary" for kingdom hearts 2 i knew this girl had some talent..but i want to find other songs of hers that sounds like these two..they both seem to have this feel of upbeat sadness you know? anyway if anyone could help that'd be great!
try ALL her songs.
She's made a heavy impact on Japanese music.
Also check out the remixes of her songs by M-FLO.
Final Distance is really great since there's a slow sad version and a version with a higher pace in it. She had originally intended it to be the faster version until some girl in Japan who idolized her got stabbed.
She then rearranged the song.
I think M-FLO's is called distance.
And Hikaru's final distance.
Either way they are both pretty good.
Her American stuff sucks. Timbaland, as usual, siphoned every last ounce of talent and creativity out of her music and replaced it with generic R&B to be fed to the masses. Her Japanese stuff is great though
ah most of them are trying to get the american crappy sound. same with Boa (korean). didn't like that much either. It's the one thing I appreciate about asian music. It's so different. probably doesn't make too much money