I've got GA floor tickets to a concert tomorrow, and it's my first concert. I'm wondering, how early I should arrive to be somewhere in the front? It starts at 8.
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Be there when the doors open.
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What time do the doors open? I've found that if you arrive about an hour before the doors open you can usually get close to the front.
get there at 9. you'll get the best seats in the house.
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45min-an hour before doors, if it's a big and popular venue. 30 mins for smaller ones.


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^ is it really worth waiting 11 hours just to get seats?
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when i went to slayer/megadeth i was there about 30 minutes early and i was second row

i rekon just a little over an hour is perfect for front row
yea all depends on venue and be warned, usually front row at a big show means you're gonna be up there the whole show unless you get pulled up and over by security. usually an hour early is good
man an hour and a half or so is our standards, if your with a lot of friends you can always talk and hang out and wait, and then be a d-bag to every one later than you
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an hour should be fine, its GA so you can just walk to the front....
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Once, I arrived at the venue 15 minutes after doors opened and still got second row. You can just push your way up to the front if u want.
What is GA?

And 1 hour before the doors open would do perfect.
I usually go an hour or an hour and half before doors open. If its cold where you are go an hour. No one will be out.
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Show up when the show starts and just plow through everyone. It'll pis everyone off and make a nice, crazy pit once the show starts.
An hour before doors open Id say. Chances are nobody will turn up for the supports.
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Man, all you people must love waiting. I turn up when I think the band are due to hit the stage. If I want to get to the front I'll work my way there in the frenzy of the opening song.
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