Uploaded 2 new songs with vocals.

111 is basically a deathcore-ish song with vocals we did the other day. Just messing around with ideas. I would like to start using my screams in my more songs as I like them better than deathcore.

Home This is a melodic metalcore song I wrote last month. Vocals are done by my friend Jack. Recorded on a shitty Behringer B2. We have a NT1a and are re recorded the song again.

Will return the crit to

EDIT : songs on UG player.

EDIT 2: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1600418/Seans%20Music/Home%20-%20Final.mp3

Updated mix
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Hey, just listened to the 'Home' track. Very quality work, my friend. Your buddy is a pretty good singer. The vocal track isn't painful to listen to like a lot of home recordings (mine), haha!

It's got some pretty solid riffing. The part with the synth lead is really quirky, I dig it.

I'd suggest adding some vocal harmonies to thicken up the sound, if you can get a hold of your singer to do them. Also, and this is just me being an ass, but I'd suggest changing the name of the song, too. I know of a billion songs named 'Home'. It's just really generic, and since this song is pretty creative, I think it deserves a more creative name. Keep up the good work, man!
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

Holy hell, I just listened to 111, that drum track was killer, and the whole production quality is way better than what you usually find on here. Are you using EZ Drummer dfh? I haven't got it yet but I hear it's great, haha. Also, what sequencer and such are you using, hell, just tell me your whole set up, i am curious! Loved it 10/10 for quality work.
Oh, and the vocals were great too!

My stuff isn't near as good, but I hope you will check it out anyway.. haha


Keep up the good work bro!
Spoony: Yeah Home is just a working title. We are also re recording all the vocals. There is a big high vocal note in the synthy breakdown, and I might track screams with it to to thicken it up. Also there are harmonies in the chorus but they might be a tad quiet.

Blake Nah man it's XLN addictive drums. Kinda dated but I couldnt afford Superior Drummer. Im using Cubase btw. Im needing a full version as the lite version I have is rather limiting Guitars and Bass are amp sims.

Logan those drums are mouse programmed man, loads of velocity editing though to get it a bit more human. Oh and I ****ing Love Exit Ten. Their new demos sound amazing.