I changed my strings from gauge 9 to gauge 10 yesterday in my esp ltd mh-1000 with the floyd rose 1000 floating tremolo, and when i finished the change, the tremolo is kind of pulling away from the guitar, its no longer parallel with the guitar and the action is high.

What do I do to fix this? maybe the spring tension needs to be adjusted?
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You get to begin the long dance of playing witht he springs in the back. From what you described, it sounds like you need to tighten the springs now, then retune. Then keep retuning as the strings will keep going flat. Then when they finally "level out" you will probably need to adjust the bridge by playing with the springs some more. It's a lot of fun.
thanks man, at first i was like O.o then i watched some videos on youtube and saw your reply, i think i can do it on my own now.

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