Currently guys I have a epiphone valve junior playing through a 1x12 cab. I have a few questions for you guys. Im going to be playing in the basement and wont be gigging with it.

First of I play classic rock mainly I want British voiced amps (trower, hendrix, zep etc. I've been looking around and I've decided there are a few things I'm gonna do.

1. Buy a cab, but im not sure if I should buy a 4x12 or 2x12

2. The amp I have is 5 watt's and I have NEVER cranked it because it gets too loud in my apartment. But I'm gonna be getting a new basement where I can play and Id like to be able to dime the amp to get the full tube saturation.

I was looking into the
a.) Ceriatone 18 watt TMB
b.) Bugera 1960
c.) Black Heart 15H

Do I have to buy an Attenuator to be able to saturate my amp and get those overdriven tones or buy an OD pedal?

Is 18 watts too loud for a regular basement to be cranked up?
If you got the 1960 which seems awesome you could pull 2 tubes making it 50 or 60 watts? (someone correct me if im wrong) but even 60 watts of tube amp is way to much to crank in a basement or house. I cant help you on the other 2 as I haven't tried them but I'v heard good things of the blackheart.
Ceriatone 18-watter.
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I play in my basement, my 30 watter is WAY too loud cranked up. It leaves my ears ringing for a while. The Bugera will deafen you unless your basement has 15 foot ceilings. Get the Ceriatone or the blackheart.
Maybe you should just mod the VJ?
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Not really. The main point of Attenuating is so that you keep tone at low volume. It won't e exactly the same, of course, because you're simply getting sound waves of different amplitudes, which you ear responds to differently. With s good attenuator, though, you should keepthe tone pretty close to what it would be cranked.