What i mean by "that sound when you change strings" is well you put on new strings and you play them, and they have a real natural "metally" sound to them. But after a little bit of time that sound fades tho i still hear many artists whose acoustic guitars do have that sound. So is there some kind of trick to this? Or do i just have to change strings very very often? :/

P.S Talking about an acoustic guitar.
change strings very often...
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i really hate that sound, i like the sound best after about 2 hours of playing.
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lol wasn't there a topic like this a few days ago. Only way to get new string sound is to get new strings =\
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Most professional artists change strings before every gig. Wasteful, in my opinion. I prefer mine at least a year old; otherwise you can't hear the guitar for the strings.

The main reason for changing every gig is because it has a much lower chance of breaking on them. In live use, the guitars get abused quite a bit. During a live show, they may pound on the strings real hard when they strum.
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phosphor bronze strings are generally brighter and have a very crisp, bright, metallic sound to them. I hate them because I am more into mellow, warm tones.

I always use 80/20 "bronze" strings, it's warm and mellow.

if you want the metallic, bright sounds get Phosphor bronze.
As has been said, nothing sounds more like a new set of strings...than a new set of strings. However, there are strings out there that sound "new" for longer.

Some of those would be coated strings, such as Elixir Nanoweb or Rotosound Nexus.

They are more expensive, but last 3-5 times longer, smoother under your fingers too.
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Quote by obeythepenguin
I prefer mine at least a year old; otherwise you can't hear the guitar for the strings.

Your logic is a bit flawed there pengie. Without the strings, there is no sound from the guitar. Year old strings, in my mind at least(and others no doubt), is way too long to keep steel acoustic strings on, unless of course it's strictly for show and never played. But if you play it, the strings will wear beyond their useful lifespan in approx. 3 months time, less the more often the guitar is played. Now classical strings are a different story, since the nylon makeup of them allows them to last a lot longer, besides the trouble they are to change. Do you let them get that old perhaps because you play a 12 string and they are a drag to change?
I tend to agree with Dave on this one...and since you claim you've never changed the strings, how would you know the affects on the tone that they might have?

To me, it's like eating hot dogs off of nice china.

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Generally speaking, phosphor bronze strings will hold that new string sound longer. Coated strings also hold their fresh sound longer. You could also go for cheaper strings and just change them more often. There is no magic trick to having longer lasting strings though. If you have sweaty fingers and/or acidic sweat, try wiping down your strings after you play. Also, wash your hands before you play.
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