Hi, there.

I've been listening to a few songs and have come across this cool sounding effect that a few songs use.

The old school killswitch Engage song, where Jesse Leach, was lead man "one last sunset" and in his new band "Choir Of Angels" by The Empire Shall Fall. During these instrumental sections.. There is this cool metal slide kind of effect in the background.

I know that it's a type of device that you put on your right hand(if you're right handed) or left hand (if you're left handed) when you're playing guitar and you slide it up/down the fret board to give the effect. However, I've had no luck finding out what it's called. Here is a link to "One Last Sunset"

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22I5pi6-lv4
Part: 1:36-1:50
Description: You can hear this rich sounding slide ascending in pitch, then descending.

It really is driving me insane not knowing what the device is called that can cause that effect on guitar.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Just sounds like he's plucking the note with volume all the way down, bring the volume up, then down, plucking a lower note, volume up, volume down, etc etc
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yeah it could possibly be an ebow. but my guess is he is plucking a string (with delay on but the volume set to zero on either his guitar or volume pedal) and then bringing up the volume, if you havent tryied this yet you really should. its a shitload of fun. ive managed to get some crazy whale sounds from my tele by doing this
yea it sounds like hes using an E-bow, but you can just use volume swells to make that effect.
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I'm pretty sure it's this
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Thanks a lot guys -- Didn't realize it was called an e-bow.. Looked it up and it was the thing I was looking for!!

Also, that delay + volume effect, is also something I will be doing in future too

Thanks, again, for the help