On my Jackson RR24 I had .10s but ive switched up to .11s and after I put them on the bridge was sticking up and the strings where really tight and the FR wouldnt let me move it at all.

I tried playing around with the springs in the back (I have 4 springs in there) and the screws and got it a bit better but my springs ended up snapping.

Can someone give me a good guide on how I should put strings on a FR guitar and also how many springs should I have in the back etc?

I play in Drop C / D Standard and when I had my .10s on it although the bridge was flat the FR wouldnt function as best as I thought so im not sure if its set up properly.

All help is greatly appreciated and for people who dont wanna read this "book" heres a sum-up...

1) Need a guide on putting a size up on a FR guitar without bridge floating
2) How to make the most of the FR setup, so its not stiff but nice and loose with springs etc.


The only way a FR can become stiff is if the blade seating has worn a groove in the posts. This happens if bridge height is adjusted while the strings are tensioned. Slack them off and pull the blade plate back when you make changes.
Did you adjust the spring tensioners? 4 springs should be about right for 11s in standard tuning, so having one snap indicates a faulty spring to start with.
Anything else should be in the FR setup thread, so I won't repeat it here.
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It wasnt the spring in the back of the guitar that snapped, it was my "strings" sorry lol.

Im just looking for a guide on how to maintain the FR for dummies lol.