I have a Washburn "Bad Dog BD40R" combo amp that recently stopped working, I replaced the fuse which was blown (with the correct fuse) and it blew out immediately.

It's an American amp (110 voltage), but I have a transformer to plug 110Volt equipment into here where i lie for my US equipment. - Anyway, I had an electrician look at it who knows a bit about amps and he says the transformer needs to be replaced, but isn't sure where to get one at a reasonable price here in Germany and suggested I look online.

I tried searching but didn't find anything, so I am hoping someone might know of where I can look and if it is even worth fixing... it's not the greatest amp I know, but does the job for what I use it for so if it's a part I can replace easily without paying more than the amp is worth, I would be interested to have it repaired.

which transformer? power? output? mains transformer for 110V amp?

if you knew the spec of the problem transformer you would be in a better position to replace it.

there are companies such as Hammond that make generic transformers, it is very unlikely that somewhere will sell a drop in replacement for a Washburn amp so you will have to find a transformer of the same spec.

actually (just had a look at what the Bad Dog is), it is a solid state amp so you possibly only have an output transformer in the amp. .