Does the original Line 6 Spider not support pedals? I bought a Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory about a year ago and it made a horrible sound when I wasn't playing anything. When I would actually hit the strings it would sound a little better but it was still pretty bad. I played with it for a while and eventually got my money back because I thought the pedal was broke.

Well last night my wife brought me home a Behringer HB01 Wah pedal. Hooked it up to my amp and... it doesn't even come on. I don't understand. I've read through the instructions and I can't figure it out. The only thing I can think of is my stupid old crappy amp doesn't support it or something. I do have a 4 channel foot board but it connects via Cat-5 cable. Which is retarded.

So.. Any help? I've looked all online and I can't find anything that says other foot pedals can't be used with it. Do I just have bad luck when it comes to pedals?
why don't you just hook the pedal to the amp the way your guitar would usually go in, then guitar to the pedal, plug pedal in/put battery in and voila it will work! if it doesn't then you're doing something wrong... it's the way i do it (although i have a MG amp, don't hate, it's all i could afford at the time) but yeh, i thought it was all relatively simple!
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The spiders do work with other pedals, they just dont agree with them very well. Your wah should turn on. May not produce the most pleasant sounds thru a spider but it should come on. Could be just a bad pedal, behringer isnt the most reliable brand out there.