Hi everyone
Does anyone remember Then Jericho, an 80's band who had a few good hits such as Sugarbox, The Motive and Big Area. I have been trying to find the Chords for these songs for sometime but they are nowhere on the net. I can't work them out although I don't think they are that hard. If anyone is a fan and good at working out chords then it would be great if you could post them
Cheers hedgiedavo
Hey there hedgiedavo, I love the song Sugarbox by Then Jerico, I just listened to it this evening.
I don't expect that there are any tabs out there but I started playing along with the song and came up with the following progression:

(standard tuning EADGBE)

C, F, Dm7, C
C, F, Dm7, C
F, G7, C, C
F, G7, C, C

It sounds like there are a few Am7 chords instead of C chords later in the song but they are very similar in sound to a C chord anyway

Paul Mc

ps let me know when you try it