i bought first eletric guitar about 9 months ago and i,ve learned so much, but now i see my self limited by me guitar is a fine Eagletone Check it here:


My main problem is that little amp you see, i cant do a fkn pinch with it and i know how to i,ve done it on other amps besides some other techniques dont go right like Picking and sweeping, some people have told me to change the AMP, some have told me to get a guitar pedal and lots have told me that Eagletone is crappy guitar..

I,ve understood that my guitar could be the problem or my amp i dont really know so

If im trying to play metal solos should i:

Change guitar?

Change AMP ?

Get a Guitar pedal ?
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this is kinda a guide, in priority of what you should buy first, im guessing your like many of us, and dont have alot of money to throw at guitars.

1. get a decent amp.

2. get a better guitar (ive never heard of eagletone... try ibanez, they make very good guitars at good prices.

3. if your not fully satisfied, pedals, pickups, ect can be taken into thought, and decieded on when the time comes.

(others can probably add too/ make this list better.)
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You deserved this, Matt.
You don't have a budget, but I'd go for a Roland Cube or Peavey Vypyr for now. Keep the guitar. Do you like the way it plays? If so, maybe a cheap humbucker in the bridge would help the sound, if not, you should upgrade your guitar.
With a budget of 250 dollars , i can do a lot of amp shooping online, but i might not found a good guitar with that amount of money

Metal-Matt: does the amp limited my techniques or does my guitar ?

Alexander: whats that Hamnbucker ?
a amp wont make you a bad guitarist. it will just make you sound bad
so getting a better amp will let you have a better sound, and might make some stuff sound alot better.

also, a humbucker is a type of pickup. basicly its two single coils straped together.
differant pickups make differant sounds, tones, ect. HOWEVER, with a bad amp the affects wont be very (if at all) noticable.
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You deserved this, Matt.
OK, here's what I'm gonna suggest:

New amp, Peavey Vypyr 15.

Use the rest of the money to get lessons.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
Just saying maybe you are not doing the pinch harmonics completly on the sweet spot, I can make pinch harmonic sound pretty strong on a classic guitar. Ive done pinch harmonics on the crappiest amp with the crappiest guitar ever.

Though I agree. A humbucker is much more pinch harmonic friendly
I can pull off pinch harmonics on an unplugged acoustic... It is all technique my friend. Every fret the sweet spot for the harmonic is in a different place. Sure, humbuckers and high gain amps will allow you more leeway in getting one to sound. But if you know where those sweet spots are and you hit it right, that is all that matters. It WILL sound.
I dont wanna see myself buying a new guitar without having improve enough, my main goal is to play all solos and then soloing myself, so my little amp cant get the sounds right, you guys checked the sizes on the previus link i gave, i guessed, still if i would buy a band Guitar should i go Ibanez, Gibson or my eagletone , also in link on first comment.