I am a beginner guitar player, well am going to be.
I want to buy a guitar for myself of course. I've never played the guitar before.
But I am an upcoming musician and I love music, therefore I'm destined to learn that craft of playing the guitar.

Also, so I can write for it.

I really want an acoustic guitar. bcause I think that I have an electric guitar my father bought me a long time ago.

i just never played it because it's out of tune and i don't know how to. and it doesn't have an amp.

Can someone tell me what are the best types of acoustic guitars/guitars for a beginner who wants to go as far as they can with it? (music wise)..and the prices.

Please help.

Also, to get a better understanding can someone PLEASE tell me what type of guitar this girl is playing in this video (The blue guitar. She's a singer her name is claudette ortiz):


Is this an acoustic? Would that be suitable for me? And where/how much would I get that for?

Also here are some musicians that play the guitar who inspire me:

Bob Marley, ( i appreciate any reggae guitarists because of my culture, I grew up listening to reggae and caribbean generated music. When Bob would play the electric and I believe acoustic? (That's what inspires me)
Jimi Hendrix
Cody Chesnutt
LAURYN HILL (my favorite)

If it's not too much again: (Can someone tell me what types of guitars these are in these videos)

Lauryn Hill - Just like water

Lauryn hill - sweetest thing

Miguel - *What type of guitar is this?

And also, what kind is this?


I hope you all can grasp a range of guitar I'm wanting. Please help, I'd very much appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

Also, I read the thread dedicated to Acoustic guitars so I'm sorry for posting this, I still have a lot of questions that's all.
Well seeing that i'm not going to be the one providing the money it's going to be a few hundred. To be considerate for limit to the person buying it for me.

I just love those guitars those musicians used, in the video links I provided.

I'm really dedicated to music so I've been trying to understand everything about the guitar, but I have so many questions as you can see.
I would find a good sized guitar shop and go have a look round to see what catches your eye. I learnt to play on an electric guitar and am playing more acoustic at the moment. If you can find some one who knows about guitars to take with you it would be a great help as well.

The videos you show are various acoustic guitars. These come in a variety of sizes and types. You need to give people an accurate price guide to go on as each extra 100 your spend opens up alot more choices.

Good luck
in the unplugged like water video, it seems to be a classical guitar, and considering who she is, i seriously doubt it was just a few hundred dollars. the second one is an ovation - and while there are cheap ovations, they don't play, sound or feel much like the expensive ones. the good ones go from $1500 to over $3000. next one is an hollow body electric with f holes, probably arch top. what these three guitars have in common is that they are nothing like each other. you won't find an acoustic that can do all these sounds.

bob marley was mostly known for playing a les paul, which isn't an acoustic, but i know he also played a 1972 guild f112 acoustic 12-string. i can't easily identify his 6 string other than to say it's a steel string dreadnought, possibly vintage as i see a lot of crazing in the finish, and it's nothing like the guitars in the first 3 of those videos.

maybe you should spend a few hours at guitar center. find guitars that look good to you, have a sales person or a friend play them to you, hold the ones you like best and see how comfortable they are.
Im thankful the replies, it means a lot.

I took everyone's advice basically and researched a bit more today.

I went to Musician's Workshop and spoke to a guy about a guitar.

He recommeneds me start out with the Dean Performer. Is this a good guitar? Any reviews.

Any suggestions?
And should I start out with a 6 string or a 12 string?

Because the Dean performer he suggested to me was a 6 string.

I'm willing to learn and i'll be very dedicated.
Hmmm Dean have a mediocre reputation in electrics and not even that in acoustics. As has been said, there's no substitute for going into a big shop and trying out everything you fancy. Even try out some that are out of price range so you can compare.
If pushed I'd add a couple to the list to check out. Parkwood have some exceptional acoustics in the 600-800 range, but if that is a bit much (and I'd suggest it is for a learner) then the Cort acoustics are brilliant value from a bit over $200 to around $500. Both these brands play above their price tag.
Most acoustics over £200 will have solid Sitka Spruce tops. They usually have better resonance than the laminated ones.
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deans aren't very good. will you be going to a guitar store to hear the various guitars? if so, some to try include:

yamaha fg720s
yamaha fg730s
seagull s6
seagull mini jumbo (entourage version is probably in your price range)
martin dx1
taylor big baby
alvarez ad410 (not at guitar centers)
alvarez ad411 (not at guitar centers)
blueridge br-40 (not easy to find in stores, but worth looking for. full, warm sound)
parkwood pw310m (solid top, back and sides - $499)

all of these have solid tops, which means better sound quality that will improve over time. they're all solid brands, and have good build quality and good quality hardware.

for just a little more than the ones i listed above, you might want to check out the taylor 110 and some breedloves.
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Try out Fender Acoustics around 399. I tried out a dreadnought sized one yesterday at guitar center that cost $349, absolutely loved it (though i liked a $499 Martin better because of the distinctive sound, if i wanted just a regular acoustic id have gone with the Fender.)
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Quote by LovethisMUSIC
And should I start out with a 6 string or a 12 string?

Because the Dean performer he suggested to me was a 6 string.

I'm willing to learn and i'll be very dedicated.

If you don't play at the moment, learning to play a 12 off the bat, is gonna make things harder for you.

You say your budget will be "a few hundred". A few hundred what? Dollars, pounds, baht...what?

I like the way the Dean acoustics look, but they really aren't that great for the money as has been said.

A very good brand, is Tanglewood or Takemine, depending on what part of the world you live in. They can be bought very reasonably and with solid wood construction, top back and sides. Then, you only need to spend the money once until such time as you want a new guitar out of choice, rather than necessity

Ideally spend as much as you can on an acoustic, but try and save some cash to get the action set etc by a GOOD luthier/tech. Most of the time, even very expensive acoustics have a high action (string distance from the neck) which makes playing it harder when you are new. If you can get that set when you buy it, life will be much less painful.

So, how much currency and where are you in the world?
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Quote by patticake

yamaha fg720s
yamaha fg730s

i have a Yamaha FG700S and it sounds great and for only $250
they're usually $200, and while they're on the list of guitars i generally recommend for people on a serious budget, i find that the fg720 and 730 sound better. still, the fg700s have solid tops, are nicely finished and all that good stuff i expect from yamahas!

Quote by Bigmusel
i have a Yamaha FG700S and it sounds great and for only $250
thank alot everyone. Well i've been absent from the forum, but only to let what everyone said manifest and to do some searching.

my biggest problem is that I can rarely ever make up my mind, and I have so many big dreams and goals that I end up looking at these guitars and so on that I for one, don't have the money for, and am not suitable for because I haven't played a guitar before. I want to build my way up and become the best that I know is possible.

This is really going to be a christmas gift for me, from my grandmother. The story is that she had ordered the Estaban guitar, without knowing much about it. My family is really foreign, haha, in the best way possible though, nothing wrong with it. But by that I mean they look at price sometimes only, and not knowing much about the quality. I know our budget is tight but she's willing to do a lot for me. But I don't want to be unreasonable, because she does plenty for me as it is- just by getting me a guitar. The estaban has not come yet, but she's sending it back when it does, so we can get a better quality guitar.

All in all, I'm still a beginner.

So putting aside everything I truly want- I TOOK THE TIME out, to go on Guitar Center.com.

And looked at these guitars that are more realistic for me at this point and time, budget and all, well mostly.









IF anyone can take the time out to give me reviews. I'd realy appreciate it. Also, I've been looking at the Yamaha's and I'm hoping to lean on their end based on what you all are saying. I hear people saying Gibson and Takamine, but I really don't have that money, and I want to build up as I said.

People are basing this also on genre's, I notice people asking me (offline) what type of genre am I interested in? I love all music, but my heart is really in reggae, and for that I actually feel an electric guitar would be more suitable, but I just like the sound of an acoustic guitar. You can't go wrong. There's NO specific genre I'm going for, at all. I just love music and what to play music, my favorite songs, and what to make songs that will become peoples favorite. That's all.

Also, would it be better if I get an Acoustic Electric or Acoustic?
go with the first one. it's the pick of that litter. btw, i've never heard reggae played acoustic except from friends, and they used a steel string.

btw, regarding estaban, the guitars are really really bad - exceptionally bad - but i hear the dvds that come with them are very good instruction.
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thanks a lot for the replies everyone.

update: The Estaban guitar came today, sending it back however. But I feel a bit bad because of our money situation but I really want to play the guitar seriously, I don't want a guitar that doesn't work well. Or will cause issues which in the end will bring about more money.
As noted in several of the posts, budget is almost a precise science in guitar buying. I started on a Fender JG26sce which is great entry level acoustic electric and plays nice both unplugged and plugged in. Great electronics by Fishman. I now play a medium to high end Taylor (714ce) about 3000.00. Since buying my first Taylor, I can't get enough. Taylor makes what they claim is an entry level guitar (110, 112, &114) all around 600.00 to 800.00 depending on where you buy. These guitars sound and play as nice as most 1000.00 - 1500.00 guitars.

I would definately recommend that you buy acoustic/electric. If you stick with it any time at all, you will want the ability to plug in and play before too long.
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Quote by johnnyo_1000

I would definately recommend that you buy acoustic/electric. If you stick with it any time at all, you will want the ability to plug in and play before too long.

I 100% disagree with you. At his price range, an acoustic electric is unnecessary. you're half paying for the crappy electronics and half paying for the shady acoustic you just bought.

for more serious stuff, like when you decide you're competent enough to gig, you'll also know you're ready for a new guitar.
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Thanks everyone, I took the advice given and spent more time dealing with finding the right one for me. It's hard because I guess I just imagine myself being a pro one day, maybe not now, so my dream classical guitar is so far out of reach right now, to be the female Jimi Hendrix only with an acoustic.. haha. Mild sense of humor, but I really love how the yamaha sounds. Is yamaha real wood by the way?

And it has a nice bass to it, the model i tried, and I may possible get.

Can someone tell me about these guitars, they are all different, it won't allow me to click seperate links.
Any suggestions based on the ones there? ^

By the way I'm sorry i've been asking so much, it's just that I really want to buy something as a start, and I have conidence in playing, due to my money situation it's hard already, which is why I may have to settle for what I do not want, but I have big goals and dreams so I hope when I progress within months I can save up to buy one, and then keep going from there, progressively rather than just jumping myself into the wilderness with a classic acoustic guitar. but if i had the money to buy one as of now, I would.

So all in all it looks maybe because of money and the quality I'll be going with a yamaha but i'd still like to know about others, just for knowing sakes and to look forward to.
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I went to Musician's Workshop...

Do you happen to live in Asheville, NC?
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Get a turner, you won't get a better one for the money

I read through the posts and I can't find what tuner you're referring to. I'm looking for a good tuner. Could you clarify which model you think is the best for the money?
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I read through the posts and I can't find what tuner you're referring to. I'm looking for a good tuner. Could you clarify which model you think is the best for the money?

He said Turner not Tuner...

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