Hi, if anyone has an Ibanez GRG 170DX then can you please help me.
I'd like to know if the whammy bar is any good? and if it goes out of tune fast or any other issues with it.
Yeah i know they don't have Floyd Rose and i couldn't find any guitars at a decent price with Floyd Rose they were all my budget. I played one the other day and i thought it was quite funky. What guitar do you have?
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GRG? Absolutely awful, it's not a proper Floyd you no? You can't move it up, and it's not locking either, it'll go out of tune very easily anyway.

Those are the ones that come in the starter packs right? Terrible guitars...

A bit harsh, but this is the truth.

Save up for a Prestige or atleast an RG370.
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^^The GRG170DX in particular isn't a horrible guitar, it's just poorly prepared. The bridge and pickups are the worst part. Get those replaced and it's actually pretty good.
They are not the guitars in the starter packs. Those are much, much worse and should not even be sold because they are so horrible.

To TS,
The tremolo is really not the best. Get one or two more tremolo springs and put them in the back cavity, and that helps, but really... the thing still goes out of tune a bit.

If you want something with a good tremolo, save more money and buy something else. The tremolo on the Ibanez in question is made for MINIMAL use stock.
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You can whammy without a whammy bar...

In a serious note, just save for an RG, Edge III bridges may no be the "omgz the awesomes" but they are pretty cool, i own one and if it's properly set up you will last days and days without tuning.
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I have an Ibanez S470DXQM, which is a notch above the entry level guitars but not quite in the Prestige series.

If you do look into something a bit more pricey, I can recommend the ZR bridges highly. I think they're very underrated, my stays in tune very well. I prefer the S Series because I can't stand bass wood, but I do think they're better value for money over all.


I really enjoy the S-series. The ZR bridges not going out of tune just helps this.