I couldnt find anything with the searchbar so here goes

for those of you who have never played this game before basically your given three subjects and you must choose which one you would ****, kill, and marry. you must use all three subjects, and each option can only be used once ex:you cant marry two, you cant kill all three etc.
you have to answer the previous posts before posting your three subjects.

ill go first this one should be easy

megan fox
jessica simpson
meg ryan
you gotta **** one marry one and kill one go!
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Can I kill them all?
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kill meg ryan, fuck jessica simpson (then kill her), marry Megan fox (possibly kill her).

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Emma Watson
Emma Watson
Meg Griffin

Son of a bitch.

I was going to say
F Fox just to say I did
M Emma Watson cause the first would just be excluded.
and kill anyone else, doesn't matter really.
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