Well, it was yesterday really, but no time for pictures so I postponed it till today as I thought you guys wouldn't really care if there wasn't any. I've been searching around for a nice-price used guitar to use for lower tunings for some months now, as I prefer to keep my Ibanez in standard. Anyways, this is what arrived at my local post office yesterday:

The case is brand new, the guitar is over a year old, but it looks like it comes right from the factory! It also plays really nice and the sustain is sweet.
Tbh I've never really liked the look of Dean headstocks (except the VMNT ones, which are gorgeous), but I don't think it looks that hideous on the Zs and it went quite well in with this one. Here's some more pics:

And a family picture:

If anyone is interested in more pics of the Ibanez I will be uploading to my profile soon. Hopefully I get to set the Z up for Drop C tuning tomorrow

Cheers guys

I like Deans when they don't have Dimes name stamped all over them. And I'm not usually a fan of Ibanez but that one looks pretty sexy as well.
You know, you're probably reading this saying "Hey, I'm bored, maybe this'll be funny?"
It's not. Too bad. No, I am not refunding you those 6 seconds of your life. So :P

*Opens thread*

*Sees Dean case reminiscient of his old guitarist's razorback's case*

*Scrolls down worriedly due to memories of the aforementioned guitar*

*Sees it's actually an awesome Z*

Z's are one of the few Deans I like, and this one is no exception; absolutely beautiful, wipe those prints in the last pic off her now! How's she sound/feel?

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Nice! For some reason I've been dying to try out a higher end ML or some sort lately, not sure why but Dean's look mighty fine when they aren't all Dimebagged out.
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Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
The flame on that guitar looks beautiful. Ive alway's the z shape, but that one is damn sexy. HNGD!
Thanks guys!

Quote by necrosis1193
Z's are one of the few Deans I like, and this one is no exception; absolutely beautiful, wipe those prints in the last pic off her now! How's she sound/feel?

Yeah, me to!
About the sound, uhm, what can I say.. noobish as I am I can't really describe or explain sound. The pickups are probably just stock Deans and are about the same quality as those in my Ibanez I'd say. They are ok for my needs atm and I won't be switching them out just yet. But most importantly I'm amazed of how nice she feels and plays, I'm really satisfied about that
Nice guitar except the headstock.
Call me Cahum.

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[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']Very nice set-up, friend. J/c, what amp are you running these bad boys through?
An AD15VT... not exactly a good amp for br00talz
But my local store is probably getting Vypyrs over christmas, so I might be having a NAD sometime in january
That's a pretty good looking guitar - and I hate Deans.

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I've heard things about the top-heaviness of Deans, but since the body is so huge on this guitar it probably cancels out. Does it? Also, real nice looking guitar

Nice! I've always kinda liked the Z shape, and you know, if that headstock wasn't so massive, the sustain wouldn't be so great?! Adds to the balance as well, so no complaints.

I love how most Dean neck shapes are a soft C and are really flat at the upper frets. Shred for days on those!

It's always nice to see a Dean NGD... since majority of people would say "OMFG Dean is teh sux0rz." which is a fail statement. Haha.