saw this at the ESP guitar forum.

just thought i'd let u guys know. thats only a prototype though.

"It's like they took the 2203 KK signature as a starting point, but adding in all the features it's lacking, and a 3 filter sweep EQs to control the contour of the Gain when in boosted/beasted mode (there is no beast mode as such, it's just a similar concept) Its certainly something in that direction, but its a much more refined sounding amp than the KK.

In some ways, it reminds me a lot of a Diezel Einstein's first channel - in the sense that it's 1 row of controls for 1 channel, but that channel can do anything from Clean, to Crunch, to Metal. Just like the Einstein, it manages to balance all these modes and tones really well, so you don't experience volume drops or weird tonal shifts between channels - since it's all built into the one channel. Unlike the Einstien's major flaw however, the modes *are* switchable, with memory switching, footpedal control, etc.

Its got a Budda-Esq voicing to it - very open and dynamic, but ballsy and raw as hell if you want it.

The nicest thing about it is that it doesn't overly compress or squish your tone even at ridiculous gain levels. I found that with both the Budda's and the Diezel's - when recording high gain leads etc, my tone was getting overly compressed, and some of the nuances were being lost in the saturation. The Marshall allows me to get a smooth flowing high gain lead sound, but still capture all my dynamics and give it an open, almost vintage, flavor.

Certainly suits my style of play, but i'm sure it could be setup for some really aggressive stuff too. Likewise, the clean tones are brilliant and add a whole other realm of possibility to the amp "
Interesting amp. Though I'm sure its not going to be very cheap!
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