i finally plan on investing into a new axe.
i have narrowed it down to the dean angel of deth with livewires
or the esp eclipse 1-ctm with emg 60s and 81s.

this is a big step up for me from my current epi V with standard
pups and i just cant make up my mind. also i could only try
the esp since i live in korea at the moment and the dean comes
in on order only..

all opinions highly appreciated!

oh and as u have probably guessed, i mostly play thrash, but
also some classic metal and a bit hard rock here and there..
i haven't played the Dean, but the ESP is VERY good. it does only have 22 frets so, the Dean has the upper hand in that respect.
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Make a trip over to Japan! Ibanez makes their axes in Fujigen again I think
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