I got a new (used) MIM Jazz bass this week, a little gift to myself via sold textbooks and a squier strat that wasn't seeing any use. I already had a P-bass, but I am totally in love with the sound of this Jazz. I paid $350 for it with hard case and it looks literally brand new not a single ounce of wear anywhere.

Pictures for bass porn reference.

I really like the strings it came strung with, but I'm not sure what brand they are. The guys at the store I bought it from said it was already strung with them and they're not sure. The ends at the bridge are golden, like the E-string that D'addarios normally have.

This picture is poor but it shows the ends, that's really the only hint they could give of what brand they are. Anybody know what kind of strings these are? I'd like to keep my Jazz strung with them and try them on my P, too.
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Not Ernie Balls and not Roto piano strings, thats as much as we can narrow it down with that info.

Are you sure they're not Ernie Balls because EBs have brass ball ends with no silk wrapping much like in the picture. I've got a set of Ernie Balls on my Jazz and they appear to be the same as in this picture.
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They look like my Ernie Balls
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I suspect they're Ernie Balls.

Or they could be any other string that isn't silk wrappd.
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I know they're not D'addario because they have colored ending, not rotosound because there's no wrapping, not Dean Markley because of the wrappings. I've never tried an Earnie Ball set that might be it though.

I don't know why I didn't check this earlier, but I do have a guitar strung with EB and they have the same golden ends, so I'm thinking that might just be it.
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