This is a song I've been working on in the last month.
It was inspired by band such as August Burns Red, Veil Of Maya and For Today.

Guitars (5!) and bass were made in Guitar Pro with RSE, drums were made in FL Studio and Drumkit From Hell. Recording and mastering were made in Adobe Audition 3.

It has probably 4 mains riffs, 2 breakdowns and a little solo as well.
I'd love to add vocals sometime later... if someone has an idea or just wants to scream to this song please feel free to do it! and send me a link to the recording, that would be awesome!

Personally I like how the drums sound on my 5.1 audio system

Well, for now it is titled "NEW SONG" in my player.


It's 2:30 minutes long and it has a tempo of 200bpm in the main parts. Please comment on the sound quality, riffs, drums or anything you want...
and feel free to listen to "Following The Horizon" (you can see comments for it here -> https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1144479 )

Oh and sorry for my bad english
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Just listened, the drums sound AMAZING, I guess I need to go get DFH, haha. I liked the distortion tone of the rhythm guitar, but it seemed the lead melodies were a bit digital, what are you using to record them?

If you can, go check out my stuff and tell me what you think, though your stuff has a way better production quality!

LOL they sound digital because I made them in Guitar Pro...I should probably record them with real guitars soon
For Guitar Pro, the guitars actually sounded pretty good to me. I guess I should start using RSE...xD
Dude that is ****ing sick!

reminds of August Burns Red

If you write me lyrics Ill try and record some vocals for you when I get time.

EDIT: sorry man, I think im getting tonsilitis.
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nice work... I like the drums... sounded very good... but when it comes to guitar... I hope u can record ur playing dude... It will sound much more better..

Overall nice work...


Yeah, I would call this electronic metal lol...everything was made in my computer...the guitars are RSE but with some touch of EQ, delay and reverb in adobe audtion so...
Wow that was really good, despite the fact that I'm not too into this genre. It would sound great with real guitars, but the electronic feel is kind of a good touch.
Mate, get this recorded, it will sound absolutely amazing. Reminds me of Lamb of God with a more melodic edge. Great job. Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it, including the drums. Can't really think of any to crit, maybe a couple of the breakdowns sounded a bit generic but personally I didn't give a s*** as it worked great as a song.

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cool, cool, record it with real guitars though, but strong writing.
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first and foremost, the drums are SICKK!

You did a great job wit them drums.. And also yeh, the tone of the lead guitar does sound like some game effect, which jus makes me want to listen to it done on guitar even more
You should get somethin done with this.. like record it or get vocals done man coz this is some cool great stuff innit
Awesome riffs dude! The drums are also nice, i would definitely want to hear the recorded version of this with some vocals!
Pretty cool song here. Drums were sweet. The guitar didn't sound real good, of course it was Guitar Pro though. I like the actual guitar parts it just sounded very digital. Anyways, overall nice song, but some real guitars would help a lot.
man that song was pretty freaking sick. high quality death core. The coolest part was the slow down with that bass drop. so freaking heavy. of course i think the song could benefit from real guitars . The drums sound really good for DFH, and the programming is interesting as well.
woudl you mid C4C?
sick.. nice intro, and the part where the guitar came in really set the mood.. very As I Lay Dying esque.. you should definitely look into getting a vocalist cuz that was so sick shit dude
Lol, dude you totally got me, I thought it was a real guitar!
I was like "Damn man, this guys playing is super mechanic, its completely perfect" I like that though, to be honest.

Like alot of people here, I'm not a fan of the genre, but this is GREAT. The outro/breakdown toward 1:30 is like "OH YOU THINK YOU HAVE A FACE?! NOT ANYMORE!"

If you can do this on guitar, I'll send you n00dz of my dog. No joke. Lol

I take that as a compliment, I mean, Messengers by ABR is probably my favorite album by far...
Thanks for all the feedback guys, really


I'm planning on recording all the guitars when I make a few more songs for a little EP for my friends...by then I should have a vocalist too
Sorry for the late crit back!
Sounds great, even though its a bit heacy for me. I love it as an instrumental. The breakdown at 1:31 is insane =D The electronic tone works well there for the melody imo ;D
The opening riff was awesome! It goes great with the drums. I wish i could think of some constructive criticism to say, but i can't solo to save my life. haha
I like the beginning and end of this song more than anything else.

One thing about the beginning, bring that sample all the way up till the guitars start, drop that drum fill right on top of it and then BANG into the song.

I guess I do like your breakdown. It's nothing revolutionary, and I dislike the trend of bass drops, but its still cool sounding and goes so well into the outro.

Outro was more memorable than anything else...I dunno what else to say about that.

Drums sounded great, guitars...uh...actually play them please? lol..

5/10 (9/10 if you record it with real guitar and up it)

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Great song writing. I really liked the riffs. I agree with everyone else though. Try and record the guitars properly. It would add so much more credability to the song. The drums sound good but maybe a little too raw for my liking. They seem a little flat. Nothing a compressor wouldn't sort out though. I'm also not a huge fan of bass drops. It worked for nu-metal but unless it is implemented really well and blended in to the point where most people dont even notice it it just stands out too much. Subtlety is what is needed.

Overall, I liked the song but if you recorded the guitars properly I would love it.
This sounds ****ing trippy I think it's because of the fake guitars. I wonder if real guitar would have such a cool sound.
8/10, very cool sounding, has major potential as an electronic song as it is, with vocals added or could be pretty awesome with real guitar, I think at this point it's really your call. Maybe you could have a niche of using the electronic sound like that.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1247880 crit me?
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