I've had my wonderfull bass for a while, and I finally found out that the reviews of yamaha's not having a solid paintjob is true - I have some chips on the paintjob of the body - nothing deep, just the paintjob. And I want it fixed. What should I exactly do and how much is it gonna cost? If it's within reason, I won't DIY.
You can do it yourself for probably $100-ish. It's if you want to put in the work for it to look factory good, you really have to get it pretty much dead on right first time.
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i have a yamaha also, not a bass a guitar, i have a chip also, it fell out of the stand one night( making me almost piss myself at night), its quite deep it goes down right to the wood, but all i have to say even though ugly as hell, pretty much have to live with the chip, its too expensive to respray, at least it doesnt screw with your sound.
Well for it to really look good, you'll have to sand off/strip the current paint off, or just rough up the old paintjob with sandpaper a bit. Then respray it, clearcoat it, and buff it. the DIY job really isn't that expensive, you can do the whole thing for under $50. If you want more info on how to do it yourself, I'd take it to GB&C.
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I wouldn't worry about it unless you think it'll keep chipping. If it's just a one time incident, it's not a big deal. But if you think it'll keep happening, go ahead and get it fixed early.
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