ok i really need to ask you UG people a question about finding a guitar. I have been looking for a third guitar to buy and one day, i realized the guitar that i knew i had to have. Basically what i was thinking of was a les paul or les paul clone with a floyd rose. So I looked for one on ebay, musicians friend and guitarcenter wasnt able to find anything in any of the major brands. So i decided to look for an explorer with a floyd rose, and wasnt able to find one either. So heres my question, DOES WHAT IM LOOKING FOR EVEN EXIST??? It seems simple enough, a les paul (or explorer) with a real tremelo. Somebody probably made one, right? If you know of a brand that makes one or have at least seen one, please tell me.
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ok i really need to ask you UG people a question

The F@ck you mean YOU UG PEOPLE?
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Gibson make both those models


Assuming that you want a floyd rose, you probably are into metal of some description. You should check out epiphone's prophecy series, they do a les paul style one and an explorer type one, they come with slim fast 24 fret necks and a floyd rose and some pretty beefy pickups
epiphone made a white LP with a floyd a while ago, before the prophecy series i believe. it was less expensive, maybe $500 new or so, but i can't find any information anymore.

but they are definitely out there! depending on what your budget is you can get a pretty decent LP or explorer with a floyd. and from more companies than just epiphone or gibson. check out some LTDs as well. no reason to limit yourself to just one company.
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Epiphone Prophecy series.

Other than that for the Les Paul there are the Les Paul Axcess and ESP Eclipse with FR.
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The F@ck you mean YOU UG PEOPLE?

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