Alright, so I just got a Mesa Express 5:50 2x12 from eBay the other day. I began to hook it up, and as soon as I switched it off of standby to play there was a loud pop, some signal noise, and then it just went dead. This being my first tube amp, I assumed I neglected something concerning the tubes, but then I realized I just blew a fuse. The kind of fuse was the incorrect kind anyway, so I thought I found the whole problem. However, I just put the right kind of fuse in and the exact same thing happened to me. Do you guys have any ideas before I fiddle with it or take it to a tech?
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your power tubes may have gone but seeing as it's your first amp take it to a tech to get a better opinion
If it was truely the wrong fuse then for all intensive purposes whoever sold this to you sold you an inoperable amp. In other words, it would not have worked BEFORE they shipped it.

Now, unfortunately your amp has who knows what kinda damage done to it and yes you are going to have to take it to a tech and pray it is nothing too serious. Popping new fuses in rarely fixes anything as fuses are there to protect the rest of the circuit and they die when something else dies (generally).

Personally, I'd be going after the seller and getting my money back. I wouldn't even say anything about the fuse for now, ask em if it worked before they shipped it. Just follow the appropriate procedures for filing a claim on eBay.

sorry man