Well, I just changed the tubes in my Peavey Classic 30 because it wasn't making any sort of noise and the tubes weren't lighting up so I figured it was the tubes. Still nothing. I checked the fuses and from what I can tell, they aren't blown. The coating is still white on the slow fuse and the filament is still intact on the other.

I was wondering what I should do next. This is really getting annoying.
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take it to a tech and get them to look at it

Where would I go? I checked Peavey's website and they said the nearest Peavey tech would be about an hour's drive away...Would any sound store be able to help me out? There are a few places around here that sells car stereos and such, but nobody really does guitar amps.
Go to a music shop and ask if they can do it, if not ask if they know any amp tech's
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anywhere that does amp repairs, they don't care if it's a brand they generally don't repair, but with some that specialise in a certain comapny may have trouble with other brands but they're mostly made the same
Okay, thanks guys. I'm not gunna lie...I'm a little bummed. I'm normally a DIY'er so I hate making everyone do it for me. I was wondering if it could be the transformer because everything BEFORE that works fine...Oh well, it costs too much money for me to f*ck with the odd parts that the average person doesn't know about...I guess I just want to find out what's wrong...