alright, so i'm trying to get rid of this Fender Cyclone i bought a few years ago and a Digitech Grunge Pedal, i'm not at home at the moment, but i'm just looking for anyone who might be interested. i'll update the info on both of these items once i get home on monday. until then, shoot me a private message and i'll give you my contact info if you're serious about buying.

Fender Cyclone: Sparkly red paint, white tortoise shell pick guard, one single coil neck pickup and one tex-mex bridge pickup, toggleswitch, tremolo bridge
has some minor scratches, the only major issue with the guitar is that when it arrived from musiciansfriend.com, the bridge is pulled up out of the body whenever you make an attempt to tune it. i resolved this by putting a block of wood inside the body to keep the bridge from moving at all, so the problem is fixed, but if you want to use a whammy bar, you'll have to get it fixed

Digitech Grunge Pedal: perfect condition, you'll probably need new batteries though
not really sure how to describe the sound, but i can try to set up my comp so i can record some samples for you to hear

oh, and i'm looking to accept payments through paypal, which is the safest way for both me and whoever wants to buy this stuff.