I have a Fender 50s classic Player Stratocaster.

I'm starting to find the 57/62 pickups a bit bland sounding. And also the 60 Cycle-hum is starting to annoy me.

I want more of a 60s tone - like the Custom shop 69s.

Should I get Noiseless pickups?

I've looked at Fender Hot Noiseless' and Dimarzio Area Pickups.

HOWEVER, I also want an improvement in tone.

So what Strat Pickups are better sounding than the stock pickups but also quieter?

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^ he may have copied and pasted from another website and it screwed up during copy/paste.
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The 57/62 should have more life in them than noiseless pickups. I really liked mine before I upgraded to Rock Monkey, if I didn't get a good deal on them I probably would've stuck with the 57/62.

Have you shielded your strat? That would fix a lot of the hum.

EDIT: I replied your comment on my profile by the way, if you didn't see it.