Yeah! Nova Repeater! Been digging this a lot so far. Finally having a separate tap tempo is fantastic, and the different divisions make getting any timing really easy. Right now Im gravitating most toward the Tape mode because it seems to be more pronounced than the other two modes while still being warm. Sounds great with some of the modulation as well. Sounds good with pretty much everything I throw at it. The only downside is that it cannot self oscillate, but thats not a huge deal considering I still have my Boss DD-6 and PS-2.

Anyways, now Im looking for what to get next (of course). I kindof have an idea at least as to what Im going for, so if you could let me know what you think about my picks, Id be appreciative.

Tremolo: Having the most trouble here. I was originally set on either the Lovepedal Babyface or the Boss PN-2, but now have in interest in the EH Pulsar and SD Shape Shifter. Id mostly use it for square wave, but like to have other options too, as well as a good bypass. Right now Im leaning most to the Shape Shifter, but the others seem great too.

Distortion: Stuck between the Hardwire Valve Distortion and the MI Audio Crunchbox. Looking for light distortion to hard rock.

Chorus: Maxon CS550 Stereo Chorus. This thing sounds awesome, but is there anything comparable to it thats cheaper?

Analog Delay: Memory Toy/Boy. Do the Boys repeats sound the same as the Toy? Ive only been able to use the Toy, which I liked, but if the Boys are just as good or better, Id go for that.
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The Crunchbox sounds Good if your looking for a Marshall tone.......be sure and get a 18v power supply it sound alot better!