Hi all,

I just signed up for the forums though I have been downloading tabs & chords for about 3 months. I just got my first guitar, a Laguna LE122, back in August.

I used to play cello, violin, and piano (I won't say how many years ago) but always wanted to try guitar. I don't have good enough hearing to fine tune an instrument so could never tune my own instrument which is why I gave up playing before. Then I found out about electric tuners. Pitch pipes and metronomes are useless for me.

Anyhow, my question is, do you have any suggestions for me just starting out? Even though it has been a while since the cello I seem to be picking up the chords easier than I expected as I still remember a bit about reading music from my days in orchestra, but am having a bit of trouble with the rhythm (playing at the right speed) so far.

Thanks ahead of time,

Beginning player - Laguna LE 122 -
Play with a metronome................I've played with many musicians and in many bands over the years, and you can really tell which ones never played with a metronome. They always seem to fall out of sync with the rest of the band because they're not used to listening to whats going on around them.

Playing along with a metronome or click track helps to train you to listen while playing.
If you're never going to play with anyone else (including backing tracks)...........then I guess it wouldn't really matter.