im looking into a distortion pedal because im hoping to sell my line 6 half stack which will leave me with a Orange Crush 10watt which doesnt have the best distortion i want.

I made a post the other day asking about the mt-2 and ml-2 in which i found out are pretty bad for their price which i didnt know.

But im looking for a real heavy tone. Like a Tech Death tone sorta? A good idea would be between Suicide Silence, Winds of Plague, Job for a cowboy, White chapel, and The Faceless.

My budget? Maybe $50-80?

And also. Does anyone know if the Orange Crush series takes pedals well? i dont have any to test if it does so id like to make sure

Thanks in advance for your help

Quote by natehimself
the mxr fullbore is pretty damn good.

Thats a little more than id like to spend on a pedal right now. Seeing that i wont be gigging or anything. i just want something for at home practice
Okay, i may have said the MXR fullbore seemd like alot of money.. But i went and looked at a video demenstrating it and i was blown away... Especially with a noisegate in the pedal. If i cant find anything better im defenitly going to get one!