hey I've been playing guitar for almost a year now (will be a year on christmas) and I've written a good amount of music for songs, but I have no lyrics for any of them.

I would like to ask if anyone can give me tips on writing lyrics.

eeeh. lol practice. Read other peoples lyrics. If you don't have talent for writing it might take a while to get into. And there will be alot of diarea involved.
You just need to know where you want to be at, writingwise. Then try to compare the stuff that you write with that of bands you admire. Eventually (hopefully) you will develop your own style.
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A. Write a couple of songs.
B. Show them to a few friends. If they hold their breath trying not to laugh you should probably give it ip and find another less frustrating way to waste your time.

Hope this helps.
Lyric writing for some people is extremely hard, I know it was for me. I think a lot of people try too hard and it ends up sounding so dry and boring. People try to use big words and give some big metaphorical meaning that ends up just making it sound lame. I know this is how it was with me. Just keep writing, and don't try so hard! Some of the best songs in the world have the stupidest lyrics ever, but they aren't stupid in conjunction with the music and style. You just have to channel the same feeling as you would when writing music, just write write write, and eventually you will become more comfortable with your writing, and it will show to other people. Good luck! I will continue on this lyrics journey along with you, muahahaha! If you ever want to exchange lyrics or something and get some solid feedback, PM. Laters.
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