After years of diving he’s finally found his bottom
Dark and cold enough this time to finally gain a healthy fear of self destruction
No longer feeling a loss for what destroys
Not to say old habits don’t die hard
but their funeral is more like a party for all those around me
The demons are still dwelling in my head
I can still hear them, remember every word they said
only now I choose not to medicate my feelings
Your arms are my comfort now, not mine
Your arms are my comfort now
unscarred, unmarked, filling me with more euphoria than anything else I’ve ever felt. Friends I’ve lost, and almost lost myself
Watch it progress as long as long as you let it
People I’ve hurt with my own selfish fear of feeling
If I could change, anyone can
All those cliche things you hear in the rooms are so true
now It hurts to know I could have been back so long ago
But nothing hurts worse than knowing I cant help you
Just like no one could help me
I will try until I die, believe that forget the middle lie
I will try until you or I die because no one ever gave up on me
and this gift of life is worth more than any other way i could choose to spend my time Love who you are and step into the light
At first its quite bright but after a few nights you just might find you see something you like.