I think I have a problem with my amp. Occasionally all sound will stop while I'm playing and I have to jiggle the end of my instrument cable where it plugs into the amp. At first I thought my cable was shorting out so I bought a new one and the problem is still there. I mean, I guess I could just have 2 defective cables but that seems pretty unlikely. There's no problem with my guitar's input jack either so I'm thinking it must be an amp thing.

However, my amp is a Peavey Valveking 112 combo that has 2 input jacks and both of them are doing the same thing so I highly doubt it's just a loose input jack. I'm completely stumped but I don't want to pay for my amp to be serviced if there's nothing wrong with it. Do any of you have any idea what could be going on?
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it could be a loose jack on your guitar or one of your preamp tubes is going

How hard is it to replace a tube? I've had the amp for a few years so that's a possibility.
sounds like a bad connection near the input jacks on the amp, probably near where both the input stages connect which isn't usually too far in

would have to open it up and take a look to be sure about anything really
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How hard is it to replace a tube? I've had the amp for a few years so that's a possibility.

replacing pre amp tubes is easy all you do is remove the protective tube and pull the old one out, and pt a new one in and replace the protective cover.
with powere tubes it is similar but you have to bias these by using an ohm meter
A little update: I have not yet been able to reproduce the problem on a clean setting. It seems to only happen when I use the lead channel. I'll keep trying to reproduce it, but what could that mean?
bump in hopes my last question will be answered by someone more knowledgeable than myself