If you're in Open E now, just tune every string down a half step...
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Eb also equals D#
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Well if have a tuner, tune the thick E string to Eb or D#, whichever one shows up.

Then your going to want to tune your guitar to that string, the same way you would with standard or any other tuning.

5th fret on the E string is = open on the A string.

Do you know how to tune like that by ear?
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Open tunings are tunings in which one can strum the open strings and be playing a full chord. Hence, open Eb tuning would be such that the open notes form an Eb chord. It might be easier to tune to open E and then tune everything down a half step.

If you mean Eb tuning, that's just standard E tuning (what most guitars are tuned to) down a half step.