Hey there.

Just got myself an Epiphone Les Paul, and the guy i bought it from was advertising it as a Black Beauty 2 pickup version, but as far as i was aware black beauty's had 3 humbuckers but mine only has 2.

I have the serial number but dunno where to find out.

Its black, with all gold hardware, black scratch plate, and the tross rod cover says gibson, erm, i cant really describe it anymore, erm, its a set neck, not a bolt on ,got the white rim around it.

Can anyone help me trying to find the model?

Sounds just like the Epiphone Les Paul Custom in Ebony. Which is still a solid guitar. And i think it looks better without the third pup.
i swapped a mexican telecaster for it, basically i loved my tele, but i wanted something with humbuckers, and played a custom ebony earlier today and it sounded smashing, so i went up to the guys house, tried this, and again it sounds smashing,

was just curious to know the model haha, does anyone know where i can find it using the serial number?
the black beauty is the custom with 3 pickups, the ordianry les paul custom which has two pickups which is also know as the tuxedo sometimes gets confused as a black beauty as both are very similar. you haven't lost out on much, they retail for about the same price and it means it's cheaper for you if you want to change the pickups
black beauty is really just a generic name that was thrown out for black les paul customs because when they were first released... they were black, whereas les pauls were otherwise all gold.

so really, the guy is not misadvertising. Epiphone puts out a formal model called the "black beauty" for the 3 pickup model, but really any black les paul custom can be called a "black beauty."
So just to confirm, this is a Les Paul Custom Ebony, or Black Beauty?

Cheers guys =D

Major help =D
Quote by DiscoithDavith
So just to confirm, this is a Les Paul Custom Ebony, or Black Beauty?

Cheers guys =D

Major help =D

yes and it's also know as the tuxedo
Quote by DiscoithDavith
So just to confirm, this is a Les Paul Custom Ebony, or Black Beauty?

Cheers guys =D

Major help =D
I mean... it's both. Black beauty is an informal name for black les paul customs. Epiphone just decided to make it a formal name for one of the models, but whether someone wants to call a 2 humbucker (or even the 2 single coil model) a black beauty is entirely up to them as the moniker was around long before Epiphone called their model the "Black beauty." It's kind of like how people call sunburst les pauls "bursts" (well, that one is a little more specific as "burst" really just refers to 1958 to 1960 les pauls). It's more like how all people call gold top les pauls gold tops, despite some having 2 humbuckers, some having 2 p-90s, some having wrap around bridges, some having ABR-1s, or trapeze, etc. and how a les paul classic with a gold top finish and a 1957 historic reissue are both called "gold tops" despite being two different models.

If you want to go strictly by the Epiphone model, then it's NOT called black beauty. It's whatever they call it in their catalog, but if someone calls it a black beauty, then they are not wrong.
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Essentially having 3 humbuckers kills sustain, and I really can't imagine the middle humbucker sounding all that great, or even using it that much.

Plus I sorta like that guitar... hm...
people always say that you lose sustain with the 3 pickup model, but i have never played a 3 pickup les paul custom that had noticeably less sustain than a 2 pickup model. any affect the extra pickup has on the magnetic field is really not that much, especially if you keep the pickups low.

i WILL say that the sound of a 3 pickup les paul custom is unique and not everyone likes the out of phase sound. I personally think they sound cool, but wouldn't use one as my main guitar without a normal 2 pickup les paul.
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As previously stated. Black Beauty is a nickname that attached itself to the first LP Customs in 1954 as they were all black. They had a P90 at the bridge and an Alnico V 'Staple' at the neck, both with black covers. The bodies were solid Mahogany - no Maple cap, and heavy as hell. When the PAF humbuckers were introduced in 1957, the Customs gained an extra pickup and remained that way until 1960. In '61 the shape changed to the SG body with the Custom retaining the three PAFs. When the traditional LP body was re-introduced, Customs were available with two or three pickups and in more colours.
Where you draw the line with the Black Beauty name is a moot point. Those original ones through to the mid/late sixties also had the 'fretless wonder' frets, (actually normal frets ground down during production) so that's another nickname for them.
In 1973 or 4 the re-issue BBs were released with the name as a distinguishing mark from the regular Custom, as close as possible to the original spec. Mick Box of Uriah Heep has two of them and they form much of his unique tones.
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